Edited by Wanda Krzeminska i Piotr Nowak


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Book in polish.


Aneta Firlej-Buzon
Virtual Communities

Eliza Ciałkowska
Selected Problems of Electronic Intellectual Property Protection in the European Union

Eliza Ciałkowska
Selected Problems of Intellectual Property Law with Reference to Electronic Information in Poland

Karina Lapis
Effective Methods of Information Acquisition and Transfer through a Web Site

Rafał Lewandowski
Metadata in HTML documents

Piotr Nowak
The Role of Statistical Bibliography and Bibliometrics in the Formation Process of Contemporary Paradigm of Bibliological Research

Witold Król
A Library in the Activity Model of the Polish Cultural Institute in London

Wanda Krzemińska
Login Creation in Electronic Mail Addresses

Włodziemirz Lapis
An Attempt at General Methodological Concepts Unification in the Field of Metalinguistics

Włodziemirz Lapis
Types of Distinction. The Distinctive Role of Diacritical Marks in Polish - the Analysis

Piotr Wierzchoń
Automation of Defined Collocations' Excerption. Regular Expressions' Filters

Aleksandra Matulewska
Depozyt sądowy and Its Translation Equivalents