Edited by Alina Wiercińska


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Book in English.


The Anthropic Principle as a Cosmological Principle - Teresa Grabińska

The Universal Cosmic Observer - Mirosław Zabierowski

Philosophy of Universalism and the Concept of Human Nature - Andrzej Wierciński

Biological Organization of Human Behaviour - Jerzy A. Chmurzyński

Definition of Biocultural System - Janusz Piontek

Duality of Brain Function. Nature and Culture - Henryk Knapik

Practical Universalism and Space-flight: Conclusions from Ethics for a Future Global Space Policy - Armin Grunwald

Global Bioethics and the History of Human World Population - Brunetto Chiarelli

Some Problems of Genetic Engineering - Adam M. Kołątaj

Bioethical Aspects of Genetic Engineering - Kazimierz Kłoskowski

The Results of Surveys Concerning the Level of Students` Knowledge About and their Attitudes Towards Bioethics Conducted in Academic Education Institutions WSP (Pegagogical University), Kielce and U.W. (Warsaw University) - Alina Wiercińska

Innovative Work in Agriculture; Breeders` Rights - Małgorzata Korzycka-Iwanow

Man as a Symbol in the Thought of R. Steiner and C. G. Jung - Jerzy Prokopiuk

In the Beginning: Creation Myths and the Birth of Consciousness - Jeff Mitscherling

Mental Imagery Cultivation as a Cultural Phenomenon: the Role of Visions in Shamanism - Richard Noll

The Vision of Man in Different Traditions of Buddhism - Łukasz Trzciński

The Concept of Man in the Zoroastrianism - Marta Kudelska

Kabbalist Revitalization and the Grammatical Nature of God - Mira Zussman

Why the Spaniards where Interested in Understanding Andean Music? - Anna Gruszczyńska-Ziółkowska

Uomo biologico e uomo sociale alle soglie del 2000 - Luigi Brian