Ed. Wanda Krzemińska, Piotr Nowak

Language, Information and Communication Studies

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Magdalena Wasielewska, Aleksandra Matulewska: 
The Culturally Conditioned Translation of Polish, Estonian and English Proverbs

Aleksandra Matulewska, Magdalena Wasielewska: 
Information Transfer on the Text Level in Translating English, Estonian and Polish Statutory Instruments

Dominika Bajer: 
The Language of the Media. The Specificity of Media Messages in the Press, Radio and Television

Piotr Nowak: 
The Topography of the Polish Publishing in the Light of the Europe of Regions

Wanda Krzemińska: 
The Interactive Radio: Focus on the Medial Success

Wanda Krzemińska: 
Telephone Numbers as a Communication Problem

Irina Marshakova-Shaikevich: 
Journal Co-Citation Analysis in the Fields of Information Science and Library Science

Irena Marshakova-Shaikevich: 
Bibliometric Assessment of a Country's Contribution to World Science

Agnieszka Krzemińska: 
A Metaphor in the Conceptualization and Evaluation of Reality

Aneta Firlej-Buzon: 
The Communities of Practitioners: an Analysis of a Virtual User Group of Linux

Jędrzej Wolarski: 
The Impact of Internet Qualities on the Reception of Information (A Case Analysis)

Emilia Maternik: 
Polish-English Pidgin in the Field of Logistics

Koh Seung-Hui: 
Problems of the Sejong Concordance Program from a Users' Perspective: Focus on Extraction for Korean Postpositions

Piotr Nowak, Paweł Nowakowski: 
Infolinguistics as a Form of Integration of Linguistics and Information Science